I am Trying to Become a Yogi: Week 1 of Trying Out Yoga

Hello My Wonderful Followers!

If you are a loyal Instagram follower, which you all should be at this point, you will know that I am trying to get more into yoga. And there are a lot of reasons that I have decided to take this plunge into a new realm of fitness.


I get really jealous when I see other women on Instagram taking beautiful pictures in headstands, forearm stands, and handstands. I think that those photos are SO beautiful, and I was starting to get annoyed that that I couldn’t take photos like that. So I wanted to get more into yoga, so that I could eventually be able to do those cool poses. Can I do them after five days of yoga you ask? No. Of course I can’t, but I am hoping maybe by day 30 I’ll be closer.


I have been stressed out to the max during the past couple of months. Why am I stressed you ask? Because I graduated from college in May, and I am still jobless. It is September and I have no job and that produces an obscene amount of stress for me. If you have ever been in the same situation, you know what I am going through. Anyway, so I am so stressed out, and I felt like I needed a way to destress, and yoga seemed like a natural fit.


I don’t stretch as much as a should and the natural solution there is, you guessed it, to do more yoga.


I am a part of a group of women that all have fitness related Instagram pages, and through seeing all of their posts I have become really inspired. I just wanted to be a part of the yoga community and make more internet friends.


I love the positive vibes associated with yoga, and you all know me, I love the positive vibes. I am the epitome of inhale the good sh*t, exhale the bullsh*t.

All of these reasons persuaded me to find a yoga challenge online, set a goal, and just do it. After probably about five milliseconds of searching the internet I stumbled onto Yoga Fix 90 on YouTube. This is a series done by Lesley Flightmaster, and the intention is to do a yoga session everyday for 90 days in order to create a healthy habit. Which I love. I knew I wouldn’t stick to doing yoga everyday for 90 days though because if we are being honest, that is an awfully ambitious goal for someone who does zero yoga. So I decided to make a goal to do these videos on weekdays, or at least five days a week and I started last Thursday.

Last week:

I did two sessions, and as I am writing this I have done two more. So that brings my grand total of yoga sessions to four, and I am loving it so far. And today I get to do two yoga sessions because I skipped yesterdays session. But I am not even mad about it.

What I am Loving About the Yoga Fix 90

First and foremost, I love that it forces me to stretch. I am so horrible about stretching after workouts, which leads to my muscles being super tight, and me being very uncomfy. The flows that are in these videos move pretty quick, and no session is really longer than 40 minutes, which I love. I need shorter yoga sessions or else I start getting bored and my mind starts to wander. These sessions are just the right amount of time. I also like that every session in this series is focused on stretching different muscle groups. For example, the first session was focused on stretching the back and shoulders, and today’s session was a shorter, faster “cardio” flow.

These videos are narrated, so you are told exactly what to do while Lesley demonstrates. You don’t even have to watch the videos. In fact, I don’t, I just listen and if I don’t know something then I look up. She even tells you when to inhale and exhale, which is very helpful if you are not a real yogi (like me). Honestly, so far, I am very in love with these sessions. I don’t know if that is just the excitement of doing something new, or if I am actually enjoying yoga. But I guess I will find out.

I have also found that if I do a yoga session before bed, I sleep like a dead person. And I am so pumped up that I have made that discovery because ya girl has not been sleeping very well. Why you ask, simple, it’s the stress. So I am infinitely grateful that I have discovered that yoga helps me sleep.

Last thing…

that I love about this series is the quotes that Lesley uses while you are in savasana (aka nap time). She picks really meaningful quotes that I feel are really applicable to my life right now. Everything is all about appreciating the now, staying present, and putting positive vibes out into the world. And honestly that is everything that I need to hear right now.

More Updates to Come…

But so far I am loving it. I will be sure to continuing checking in with all of you. Thank you for reading, as always.




  1. I woke up this morning with my entire body feeling so tight. Even my ankles! That was so weird to me and probably a hint that I need to do yoga too.

  2. I love yoga, I’m terrible at it but it’s definitely something I wanna get into a bit more! You’re doing amazing, can’t wait to see more!

  3. Yoga is a really good form of exercise! I do yoga and pilates along with pole and it really helps with my flexibility and I always feel so relaxed afterwards!

  4. I love yoga but I’m finding it hard to just even get into the gym or motivate myself to do it home! Thanks for your inspiration!

  5. Yoga is so awesome and I love that you are doing it outside !! What a peaceful experience 🙂

  6. I’ve never tried yoga, but this looks pretty cool! But these are really cool reasons to start doing Yoga, it seems like it is already working out for you 🙂

  7. I have always wanted to try and get into yoga, but it seems so hard! I am not the most flexible person (that is an understatement!), and I have been having a difficult time finding motivation to work on my fitness right now. I may try and do it a week at a time, that seems like a far more realistic goal for me. Great post!


    • The great thing about yoga is you don’t have to be flexible! You just have to practice! It’s really more about breathing than anything

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