My September Picks from My Ultimate Gym Playlist

OMG Did I Skip Two Months of Playlists?!?!

What the heck is going on with me. It looks like the last workout playlist I posted was in June, and I seriously cannot believe that. But anyway, here I am to fix that problem, and give you some dope tunes to listen to while you workout…or just while you live your life.

For a period of time…

I was listening to hour long mixes on SoundCloud while I was at the gym because I was just feeling so uninspired by the music that I usually listen to. Then I switched back over to my Ultimate Gym playlist on Spotify. Then I jumped around to listen to some EDM playlist’s made by Spotify, and let me say I found some really good, adrenaline pumping songs. So I will share ten of them, and of course link to my Ultimate Gym playlist.

1. Instruction- Jax Jones

“Say that your bossy, because you are the boss”- favorite line from this song. Plus Demi Lovato is singing on the song, so it’s amazing.

2. All This- Jay Pryor

3. We Are Legends- Hardwell

For the longest time, I was not into Hardwell. My mom and brother love Hardwell, and I always felt like his music was too “EDM” for me. But my ears have since changed there snobbish, too good for EDM ways.

4. True Feeling- Galantis

5. We Are One- Hardwell

6. Fade- Kanye West

7. Sorry Not Sorry- Demi Lovato

IF YOU HAVE NOT LISTENED TO THIS SONG, DO IT NOW. When I first heard this song I listened to it on repeat for about two days straight. It is that good. And people might think it is about you showing your ex how amazing you are, but it’s not. This song is for anyone that ever thought you couldn’t do something, for all the haters, showing them that you did what they always thought or said that you couldn’t. And you are sorry, that you aren’t sorry that you are the most amazing thing since sliced bread.

8. Feel It (feat. Tunji Ige)- GTA, What So Not, Tunji Ige

9. Boys- Charli XCX

Really more of a stretching or cool down song, but still, it’s a banger.

10. To Ü (feat. AlunaGeorge)- Jack Ü, Skrillex, Diplo, AlunaGeorge

And there you have it MargFit Fam, my ten workout bangers for the month of September. Hope you enjoy them.

Click HERE for my Ultimate Gym playlist on Spotify! I update it constantly!


    • That is too funny! That playlist definitely has some good songs, haven’t listened to it in a while though. Makes me want to just dance instead of actually do the workout I have planned.

  1. Love all the songs you shared. Music is so important at the gym. It really gets you going. I am going to add some of these to my gym playlist right now. Thank you for Sharing.

  2. I have to agree the Fade song should motivate anyone to work out. That video is sick and it’s all body. Sorry Not Sorry is another good one as well.

    • I haven’t seen the video, but I am not surprised it’s amazing haha. Those two songs are my favorites right now, I could listen to them on repeat for days

  3. To be honest, I am not too familiar with these songs, but I am considering checking out Sorry Not Sorry. Seems like a good song to listen to when I get stressed out at work.

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