My Fourth of July Outdoor Workout
18 Jul 2017

My Fourth of July Outdoor Workout

Post by Margaret

Hello My Wonderful Followers!

(or should I say “internet friends”)

If you know anything about me, or if you have ever read any of my posts before, you know that I am not an outdoor exerciser. I do not particularly like outdoor workouts. I like to go to the gym. I like to go to the gym because I feel like that is where I can get my most bang for my buck. And also because I live inside of Satan’s butthole, or for some, Arizona. It is literally a billion degrees (no exaggeration) here all summer, and pretty much every other season too. Ok, ok, it’s really just the summer. Which is a shame because Arizona has some great hikes, especially around where I live, and I want to be able to do them all the time…even though at the moment I am pretty confident I cannot hike.


On the Fourth of July, my gym decided to be closed! Which, I guess on the one hand I understand because it was a holiday, but on the other hand, it was a Tuesday. Why would you close the gym on a weekday? Anyway, so the gym was closed. And I made the crazy decision to take my workout outdoors.


I know that you are all shocked. Although some might not be. Some of you may be thinking: “if you never workout outside, why are all the pictures on your Instagram outside???” And if you aren’t thinking that then you are a person that truly knows that I like the aesthetic of outdoor pictures, but I don’t like doing the actual working out outdoors. Also, my gym has HORRIBLE lighting, so I almost never take pictures there, which is why you all will rarely see what I am really doing in the gym. From looking at my Instagram, I am sure you would think all I do is pose outside and magically grow a booty.

Ok, Ok

To the workout! I honestly have no idea how or why I ramble on so much about things that don’t matter. Just my writing style, I guess.

  1. 2 sets each leg of single leg step ups
  2. 2 sets elevated plank step outs
  3. 2 sets squatting pulses- I don’t have a picture of these 🙁 I decided to throw them in while I was in the midst of my workout and unfortunately my photographer/mom wasn’t there to capture them.
  4. 4 sets bench jumps
  5. 4 sets “up-up-down-down” type step ups- I don’t have a picture of these either. Another spur of the moment workout addition.
  6. 2 sets tricep dips
  7. 2 sets incline push ups 8. 2 sets each leg side squat with one leg elevated to side step up

    And there you have it friends!

    I really enjoyed doing this outdoor workout, it was something different than my usual routine, and I think I needed a little change to keep my body guessing. It is so important to try out new things, obviously not just in fitness, but in your life as well. But if you feel like you are in a gym rut, or if you are just starting out and want to do something challenging but don’t have any equipment definitely try a workout like this. I hope you all enjoyed this, and if you try the workout of any of the exercises be sure to let me know!

What are your favorite moves to take outside?

(comment below!)

And here are more photos for your viewing pleasure:



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Nana July 19, 2017 at 5:11 am - Reply

You wear me out just reading this! Keep up the good work. Love you.

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