Corrosion Protection with BoxCor?

Did you find rust with metal products when opening the package after long-distance transport ?

You might think of applying anti-rust oil to your metal products but have a headache to remove it before use.

Or you wanna try a corrosion inhibitor but fearing the harmful substances that are bad for your health?

Don’t worry when you get?BoxCor?!


Corrosion needs three things: metal, moisture, and air.?If just one of these three things is missing, the reaction doesn’t happen, and you prevent rust.

When you pack your goods in BoxCor, a so-called volatile corrosional inhibitor, or VCI, is released.?

VCI molecules form a layer on metal surfaces preventing it from reacting with air and??and moisture.

When unpacked, the VCI layer completely and the product is for immediate use.

BoxCor is a corrosion-combatting alternative that is completely free of nitrites and amines which means there’s no?a health risk for the employees.

Long term tests have proven another advantage of BoxCor?. It has one of the best protective effects on almost all kinds of metals.

Is it fantastic?


Watch the video below about BoxCor? to learn more.

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