The Boxon Group is linked together by a common set of values, which form the basis of our approach and how we relate to our stakeholders. Our basic values are summarised by the Swedish word VETA (know), which stands for:

博殼松集團依托共同的價值觀連結在一起,這些價值觀是我們行事方式以及與股東聯系的基礎。Boxon's values - Win Together

Win Together

We focus on results, a positive team spirit and creating a winning partnership. Innovation, passion and courage are our most important tools for success.

Genuine commitment is always a winner.

博殼松集團依托共同的價值觀連結在一起,這些價值觀是我們行事方式以及與股東聯系的基礎。Boxon's values - Simplicity


We make things easier for the world around us by being flexible and getting it right from day one. Our secret is our curiosity about the challenges our customers face.

A deep understanding leads to sustainable solutions.

博殼松集團依托共同的價值觀連結在一起,這些價值觀是我們行事方式以及與股東聯系的基礎。Boxon's values - Transparency


We listen; we communicate clearly and are up-front about our expectations. Transparency is a hallmark of our business.

It allows us to develop on an individual level – together!

博殼松集團依托共同的價值觀連結在一起,這些價值觀是我們行事方式以及與股東聯系的基礎。Boxon's values - Responsibility


We take overall responsibility, actively contribute to set targets and keep our promises. We care about each other and our customers.

Each promise binds us all together!

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