With production sites around the world,?we are?aware of the specific responsibility we must fulfill as an internationally active company in the packaging sector. It is all the more important to us to proactively promote and communicate social and ecological changes in the context of our corporate responsibility.?

For that reason, we are committed to a series of principles and standards to promote public awareness of sustainable transformation in the sense of the?sustainable development goals?as formulated by the United Nations. We set out the basis for our ethical principles and aims with our participation in the?Global Compact of the?United?Nations?and the?Boxon?Group CSR statement.?

We ensure achievement of these aims through various projects, including for climate protection, sustainable production and continuous control of strict standards that we set for our production sites.??

Our Goals 2025

In line with our CSR statement, we have set ourselves 3 mains goals that we aim to achieve by 2025. They are closely connected to our products and to our business activities.?To?fulfill these goals, we have built a functioning system, which includes all departments by following a set of key performance indicators.??

These three main goals are:?

The first goal is based on the emissions that are caused by our business activities. We measure these emissions with the help of our independent partner Myclimate on an annual basis. In this way we can follow up on our performance and derive appropriate actions to reduce emissions at all locations.??

In addition, Boxon has developed a series of climate friendly packaging solutions, based on innovative materials from renewable sources or by compensating CO2 from operation processes.?

Last but not least, Boxon continues to develop innovative and sustainable packaging products with an optimised ecological footprint. This is an integral part of our strategy.?

Sustainability Report

boxon sustainability report 2020

The annual Boxon Group Sustainability Report summarizes all our CSR related activities of the past year, reflecting own performance figures, as well as external aspects on supplier and customer level. It also documents the present company’s structure, an overview of commercial activities and external initiatives. As the Global Compact requires a regular Communication on Progress from their members, our Sustainability Report also contains our activities about the four main areas of human rights, labour conditions, environment and anti-corruption as well as the 10 principles.??

The?report follows the Global Reporting Index (GRI) standards and guidelines and is?addressed?to all stakeholders.

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