How I am Dealing with Stress
21 Jan 2018

How I am Dealing with Stress

Post by Margaret

Last night my mom said to me,

“When I turned thirty, I wished that I could live my 20’s over again. I don’t think you will feel that way about your 20’s”

That is something I completely agree with.

I am 2 and a half years into my 20’s and I know I will never want to relive this decade. I think for a lot of people, their early 20’s are for partying, drinking, meeting tons of people, and figuring out their first steps into the real world. For me, it has been doctor’s appointments, different health issues, being immobile, heartbreak, an exceptional amount of stress, and figuring out how to live my best life the best I can. Now I am not saying any of this to make people feel bad for me, we all know that is not my style. It is really more just to document it. By now you all know my blog is like my little diary that I let everyone read.

I think that every thing that has happened to me, has happened for a reason. And for every bad situation I have fallen into, I have come out the other side stronger, and better than ever.

But the reason that I am saying all of this is to say that so far, my 20’s have been jam packed with STRESS. I have been stressed out about school, stressed out about my health, stressed out about what I am eating, stressed out about working out, stressed out by my friends, stressed out by my family, stressed out by my job search, just seriously stressed out about everything. And today my peeps, we are going to get into what I do to deal  with all of that stress so that I don’t implode on myself.

Everyone can sustain different levels of stress and still live a healthy and happy life. I think that personally, I can endure a lot of stress before it starts to manifest in physical pain, or before I have any sort of a breakdown. But there are other people that have one little ounce of a stressful thing going on in their life, and they are done for.

Now let me say, everyone deals with stress in different ways, and how I deal with stress may not be your style and that’s totally ok.


The first thing I always do when I am starting to feel stressed is call my mom and have a good long cry in my car. This is my go to way to deal with my initial stages of stress because honestly I don’t even realize I am stressed out about anything until I reach this point. But seriously, talk to anyone about how you are feeling and don’t just bottle it up and keep on going with your life. For so long I would just bottle stuff up, and I have realized that doesn’t really help when I am having an issue or trying to figure out how to achieve an outcome. Now I just have a good cry, and figure things out from there. Talking to someone about the stress in your life is so helpful, and honestly they don’t even have to say anything! That is literally the best part, if you just call someone and talk about what is going on, chances are that by talking out loud about it you will be able to come up with a plan of action so you can get yourself out of the stress hole you have dug yourself into.


I stress eat. And that is honestly probably one of the worst things to do to deal with stress, but that it just how my body does it, so when I know I am stressed I try and reel it in a little bit. I let myself eat whatever I want. I am not saying that I let myself eat as much as I want, no no no, but like if I want vegan chocolate, or if I am really feeling a huge bowl of veggie straws, I am not going to tell myself no. Now that may seem stupid, and unconventional for some but I find that if I just allow myself to do what I want, it eliminates a factor that could then cause me to feel more stressed out. I should also say, I generally let myself eat whatever I want on the day to day, just because I have found if I restrict a food I am more likely to want it and then eat it in large quantities. So I eat what I want, when I want, so long as it is gluten free and vegan. Those are my only two parameters. And I hope by now we all know that I eat that way because it makes me feel good and I have a very sensitive tummy….not because I am trying to lose weight (just wanted to put that out there). Stress eating is not the way I would suggest to anyone to deal with stress, I just know it is one of the ways that I subconsciously do, and if you do that too, that is probably relatively normal and don’t stress about it, just be aware.


I don’t force myself to go to the gym. Although going to the gym can sometimes help me cope with a stressful situation. The reason that I do not force myself to go to the gym when I am stressed out is because for me, working out is such a mental game. I really have to be all there mentally to be able to have a good workout. So if my mind is consumed with other things, and I am stressed out beyond belief, I am not going to go to the gym. Because why would I stress my body out more with a workout, when my brain is already at it’s stress capacity? Makes no sense.


I always try my best to take a step back from things whether it is work, family, or friends. If I can’t be all there for something mentally, I am not going to do it. Now work is a little different because you can’t just completely not go and take a step back, but find a way to still do your job and scale back a little bit so that you aren’t feeling as stressed out. The key with that one is to prioritize or ask for help with a task you are trying to accomplish. Or with friends and family events, if you feel like you are too stressed out and all over the place to really be there, then don’t go. I have had to do that before, and all my friends and my family just get it. I have literally said to people exactly what is going on in my head, and that I can’t go to something because I am just completely somewhere else mentally, and people get that. And if they don’t get that, then idk man. Find new friends that understand mental health.


I let my body just do what it wants. This is one of my personal favorite ways that I deal with stress. If I want to go to sleep at 8pm, I freaking do it. If I am really feeling a two hour nap, you better believe I do it. I do not resist doing what it feels like my body wants to do, because honestly that just creates more stress.


I just smell some essential oils. That sounds so hokey, but seriously it helps. At least it helps me a little bit. I have been diffusing Stress Away and Lavender, and Panaway this whole week. Dabbling in essential oils does not make all of my stress go away, but it definitely helps and using them in my diffuser also makes my room smell really nice. So it’s really a win, win.


I do something that I enjoy. Some self care if you will. Like today I went to Cyclebar with my mom, Friday night I did a face mask, and every night and morning I have been doing stuff in my bullet journal. For me it really helps to just do something I enjoy and try to forget everything else.

Honestly, stress is very hard to deal with and like I said everyone deals with it differently. But I hope that this post maybe gives you so me different ideas on how to deal with your own stress. Hopefully you have all had a wonderful week, and are ready for the week ahead, I will catch up with all of you beautiful people next Sunday!


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