Bullet Journaling: One of My Favorite Self Care Practices
29 Jan 2018

Bullet Journaling: One of My Favorite Self Care Practices

Post by Margaret

Hello My Wonderful Followers!

I hope that you all had a wonderful week last week! And I am so sorry for not getting this post out to you yesterday, but let me tell ya, I had quite the weekend. This weekend was my sorority chapter’s 100th Founder’s Day, so my mom and I went down to Tucson to join in on the celebration. Our plan was to drive down Saturday, go to the luncheon, check into our hotel, watch the basketball game, have dinner, etc etc. However Saturday did not turn out that way.

First of all, it ended up taking us four and a half hours to get down to Tucson thanks to an accident that completely blocked off part of the I-10. Now usually it takes less than 2 hours to get down there, so 4.5 was kind of overkill. For the amount of time we were in the car, we could have driven to San Diego. And of course being in a car for that long when you are trying to get somewhere can make people very irritated. So naturally my mom and I were a little irritated with each other. But we got over it.

We finally got to the event (only about an hour late), right in time for lunch, which was perfect because we were both starving (and irritable). Then afterwards we saw all of our friends, and went to take pictures and all of that jazz. As we were leaving the venue, I realized my phone wouldn’t turn on. Which of course I thought was really strange because it was fully charged, and had been plugged in the entire drive down. So when we got to our hotel room, I plugged in my phone and tried to do all of the things like a soft reset, and everything else they tell you to do when your phone doesn’t turn on. And none of these things worked. So unfortunately for me (and my mom) we had to make a trip to the Apple Store and I ended up having to get a new phone. Saturday was not the relaxing day that we had planned for, but all is well and fine. But on top of that, I have had a headache for like four consecutive days and have not been sleeping well, so I am just a mess. But we all knew this already.

Ok, so that is all out of the way now. And now my friends we can discuss my favorite thing ever.

My Bullet Journal

What is a bullet journal you ask? Well it is like a planner and a journal all in one, and it is perfect for creative peeps (normal peeps too) like me. For those of you who have not heard of bullet journaling before, I will link some videos so that you can see what it is all about. But essentially it is do it yourself kind of planner. Now I had been a die hard Erin Condren planner user for about four years, but I started to realize in around September that that type of planner was not working for me. I really like to write down lists, and little notes in my planner, and the way that my planner was set up was just not conducive for that. I wanted a way to have all of my ideas, events, lists, favorite quotes, and recipes in one place and that is what a bullet journal provided for me.

I have been using my bullet journal since October and I have been loving it. For me, it is a very therapeutic thing. I wake up each morning and I open my bullet journal and write down my events for the day, and make of list of what I want to get accomplished. A big reason that I do that is because I feel that it is so important to have a morning routine, and also because it sets me up for my day. I know what I have planned, and what I need to get done. My bullet journal encompasses my whole life- I include both work and personal events. And the reason that I do that because I wanted to have one place to go that would have everything I need to know. I set up my bullet journal in a way that lets me write down events, and also to do lists. (below is my weekly spread)

So on the left side I have a snap shot of what my week looks like. That is where I put events like client meetings, appointments, and birthdays. Then I break it down into days, and each day at the top of the box I put events, then underneath that I write down what I want to get done that day (so that I can then cross it off later, because let’s be honest crossing stuff off a list is fun). Then I have my “Looking Ahead” box where I write upcoming events, and my “Brain Dump” box where I just write little things down like what I need to get at the grocery store, or little things that I hear on a podcast or other little things like that.

Another thing that I put in my bullet journal is my symptom tracker. And the big reason that I do this is so that I can be aware of what symptoms are happening when so that when I go into a doctor’s appointment I know what I need to talk about. This may not be something that everyone does, because obviously not everyone has health problems, but I find it really helpful to be able to track what is going on with my body.

Last month was actually the first time I tried doing my symptom tracker like this, and I love it. When I am having a symptom I just color in the box with the specific color.

Another thing that I love about bullet journaling is that you can try out different spreads and trackers and really figure out what works for you. So like I just said, I tried out this type of symptom tracker last month and really loved it, and it is how I will continue doing it. And the weekly spread that I showed earlier was something that I started towards the end of December. I had tried a lot of different spreads and kept tweaking until I figured out what worked for me. That is why I love bullet journaling; it is so personalized. And with that being said, it obviously won’t work for everybody. But for me, creating the spreads, and writing everything out is really therapeutic for me, and helps me to feel like I have it all together.

This is the monthly spread that I do at the beginning of each month….and as you can see I messed up the boxes a little bit there….But that’s the beauty of the bullet journal! You can mess up and it isn’t a huge deal!

And this is the expense tracker that I do every month. Last month I slacked on it a little bit, but I have found it helpful to have this every month.

I really just love that the bullet journal gives me the opportunity to do whatever I want. It gives me complete freedom and allows me to track what I want, and write down what I want. I can take notes on something, write to do lists, and keep track of all my events all in one place. I don’t know you guys, I just really wanted to share this because I feel like it has really helped me to feel like I have a little bit of a grasp on my life, and it is also a good self-care practice for me. I don’t journal in it a whole lot now, but when I was first using it I would write one happy thing for everyday, or write down when I was having negative body image days, and I would write positive health affirmations to help keep me on track and eating real, whole foods. I also doodle a bunch in it, which is therapeutic for me. I am by no means an artist, but I do love a good doodle, and this is the perfect place for me to do that.

Hopefully you guys at least enjoyed this post a little bit. I feel like it was kind of all over the place, but I really just wanted to share my bullet journal with everyone. And if you want to see more of my bullet journal or something more specific about how I use it please comment below!



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