I Never Blog About Blogging, So Here Goes Nothing
25 Jul 2017

I Never Blog About Blogging, So Here Goes Nothing

Post by Margaret

Hello My Wonderful Followers!

I hope that many of you have noticed that I am getting back into a schedule. My plan is to publish new posts every Tuesday and Thursday, like what I was doing during the spring. And I promise, I will come through with content! I have a lot of fun posts planned, and if you haven’t seen my most recent posts, click right here. With that being said, I have some fun news for all of you!

Ya girl was nominated for a “Blogger Recognition Award”!

Isn’t that so exciting?! I think it is. I really do. When I started this blog almost a year ago I had huge dreams for it. And if you have followed me from the start you know that I have had big dreams, however you also know all of the struggles that I have had to overcome in the past year. A lot of things happened in my life that I thought could potentially derail my fitness journey, and derail my entire fitness blog. But luckily, thanks to the power of my positive mind and my amazing support system (aka, all of you), I have been able to overcome my problems. So I am really very thankful for this award. And thank you to the wonderful Erika Smart from My SoCaled Life for the nomination!

If you haven’t checked out her blog before, definitely go now! I have gotten to know her a little better through social media, and I think she is doing some amazing things. We both set out to start studying for the Personal Training Certification Exam at the same time, and she’s the one of us that actually followed through and passed! So give some love to her!

Now to blog about blogging.

This Award Recognition post asks that I write about two topics; How my blog started and any advice I have for new bloggers

So let’s dive right in.

How the heck did Marg Fitness start?

I started this blog in September of 2016. And if you have been with me since then, you know that I created this blog as a part of a Public Health internship for my degree. I had gotten really into health and fitness the summer before my Fall 2015 semester of college, and last summer I decided that I wanted to share my experiences in the form of a blog. So what I did, was talk to my internship advisor about getting her to supervise the creation of this blog as an independent study. However she, at the time, was very pregnant and was not too fond of the idea of taking on more responsibility, so she suggested I find an expert in the community to supervise this project as an internship.

And lucky for me, I happen to know a health and fitness writer/yoga teacher/spin instructor extraordinaire. I asked the wonderful Angela Ambrose to supervise this project for me.

I started out creating posts every week about trying new things related to health and fitness. I posted once a week, usually on Sunday’s. Then over winter break, I revamped my site, and started posting more. I continued my blog after the internship was over because it was really something that I enjoyed doing. And I am sure all of you have seen how my posts have progressed since I started. I really try and provide good solid information for my readers, but I also try and keep it fun and interesting.

Advice for New Bloggers

FIND BLOGGING FACEBOOK GROUPS. That is something that I wish I had done so much sooner. These groups are a great way to meet other bloggers, ask for advice, and expand your audience. Also, I would definitely suggest doing guest posts for other blogs, and putting out the opportunity for people to guest post on your blog. That can really help expose your blog to a new audience, and gives you more friends in the blogosphere. Overall, just try and connect with other bloggers because if you have a question or are struggling with something, chances are someone else has been there and has a solution.

I nominate:

Emma and Rose (Fitness, Food, Lifestyle)

Imperfect Adventures (Healthy Living)

Glossy Cover (Health & Beauty)

Lemonade and Lunges (Health, Fitness, Weight Loss)


I hope everyone enjoyed this post! I know it was a little different, but I will be getting back to the regularly scheduled content come Thursday!



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