Learn How To Do a Kipping Pull Up: Guest Post by Daniel N.

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Today we are making Marg Fitness history, with my first (of hopefully many) guest posts! I am really excited to share today’s guest post with you all because it will teach you how to properly do something that even I do not know how to do: A Kipping Pull Up. I am so happy to welcome the author of this post, Daniel, to my blog and hope that you enjoy the post:

Learn How to Perform a Kipping Pullup

You have most likely heard about a kipping pullup, but do you know how to perform it? Well, we do and we are going to tell you about it here.

Chances are that you have seen videos on how to do kipping pullups on YouTube or via other social media. So, what are they?

A kipping pullup is a CrossFit staple that might get people wondering what you are doing. In other words, it looks silly. People will either love this exercise or hate it. In most cases, Cross fitters love kipping pullups while the rest of the fitness crowd hates them. However, there are a few reasons why you should do them no matter the side you are on.

A Brief History on the Kipping Pullup

The reason behind kipping pullup was originally to let someone as many unbroken reps as humanly possible, and as fast as one could, during competitions.

It counts if your chin goes over the bar, whether you used momentum or strength.

Kipping pullups are used in CrossFit competitions; therefore, you do not expect to find anyone doing a pullup the standard way when the aim is to get as many reps in and move as quickly as possible during these games.


Are Kipping Pullups Like Conventional Pullups?

No, kipping pullups are not like conventional pullups.

The Difference between a Standard Pullup and a Kipping Pullup

A standard pullup is a bodybuilding type of a pullup that focuses on the back and arms. Its main purpose is to build muscle and strength. With a dead hang pullup, the body is supposed to remain in a rigid form, while moving only the elbows and the shoulders.

A kipping pullup on the other hand is like a 100 meter dash involving the arms. When doing a kipping pullup, the hip snaps, radiating force to the spine and arms, hence lifting the body with little upper body pulling. It is a full body exercise, with zero muscle isolation. Therefore, kipping pullups are more like cardio. It is a great way to get a fast burnout. As a result, a kipping pullup would be a great addition to a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session.

The Advantages of Performing Kipping Pullups

  • You get to do more reps: kipping pullups will enable you to a lot of reps. While these cheating reps will not help you gain any body strength, they will help you get rid of some body fat.
  • Work many muscles: kipping pullups exercise different muscles at the same time. Adding something new to your routine can actually be great since it improves your mobility and range of motion.
  • Enhance your athleticism: becoming an athlete might not be your goal, but it helps enhance your endurance level. This can be an advantage to your daily life or to your workouts at the gym. Although kipping pullups are not for strength building, they will eventually make your upper body stronger.

Is It Safe To Perform A Kipping Pullup?

There is a technique to doing a kipping pullup. This ensures that no one gets injured as a result. Therefore, before you begin doing kipping pullups, learn the right form first.

One important thing you require is grip strength. You should be in a position to hang from the bar without falling. Secondly, you need to control yourself. Do not allow your back to twist.

What Are The Risks?

A kipping pullup requires being able to get your chin above the bar. This needs upper body strength. A lack of this can lead to your shoulder jerking out of their sockets. Therefore, to do a kipping pullup, you need to know how to do a conventional pullup first.

Pay attention to the position of your shoulders when doing the lift, swing, and lowering movement in order to prevent shoulder injuries.

Learn How to Do a Conventional Pullup First

If you can do a standard pullup correctly, then the chances of getting injured while doing a kipping pullup are less. Doing a kipping pullup might look easy, but if you are not skilled in catching your weight, you might injure yourself easily.

The Right Way to Do a Kipping Pullup

Grab the bar with your hands wider than shoulder width apart. Your palms should be facing away from body. Your arms should be locked and your body hanging freely.

Swing your hips back as you push the bar away. Your legs should swing forward. As your hips swing back, drive them up by kicking up your feet. Simultaneously pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar. Immediately and rapidly push yourself away from the top of your pullup and lower yourself in a controlled manner and repeat.

Here are some tips:

  • Focus on lower body momentum. Use your hips not your arms.
  • Keep your body straight and level.
  • Try each step of the exercise separately until you understand how to do it.
  • Be aggressive with kipping pullups
  • Practice a lot.

When to Add the Kipping Pullup to Your Workout Routine

You can do a kipping pullup as you do your standard pullup or during your shoulder and back day. You can also include kipping pullups if you have a HIIT routine.


Including a new exercise to your workout routine has many benefits. You will enhance your flexibility and your range of motion.

In case you are not comfortable doing this exercise in a public gym try it out at home first. Note that you cannot to kipping pullup from a power tower. It tried this and it does not work.

All the best!

Author Bio:

My name is Daniel and Iā€™m a personal trainer and yoga instructor in the Toronto area. Pullups have been a part of my daily regimen for over 10 years. Contact me at the Fitness Crab where I teach clients the basic principles of fitness, how to set up a home gym, offer private coaching as well as read more on indoor rowing.

Visit his website here


  1. I don’t think I would be able to do this myself, My upper body strength is literally zero! Definitely one for the hubby! thanks!

  2. I’ve never heard of a Kipping pull-up, but it definitely looks interesting. I would have to learn how to do a standard pull-up first, though!

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