Getting Back into Fitness: What My Workouts Look Like at the Moment

Hello My Wonderful Followers!

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Me again. You know, your favorite blogger/fitness guru Margaret.

You may be thinking to yourself, “MargFit, didn’t you just post yesterday? What is going on? How do you have so much new content???”

And you would be right, I did just post yesterday, but I am going to keep it 100 with all of you, I have some time on my hands at the moment and I want to dedicate some of that time to my beloved blog, and to you, my wonderful followers.

As many of you know…

the past couple months I have had to modify my exercise routine. In April I was in a boot, in May I could barely walk, and had a whole slew of personal things going on (i.e. graduation), and June has been my month of getting back into the swing of things. But you know, if you are an avid follower of my instagram and watch all my instagram stories ( that I was struggling at first to get back in the gym. I was really unmotivated, and was searching for some type of lifting guide to give me a plan and get me back in the groove.

Outfit details: Top- Bryce Tank from Fabletics, Leggings- Mid Rise Compression Crops from Old Navy

If any of you have ever suffered from an injury or have arthritis like me *insert hairflip emoji* you know that getting back into your normal routine is hard. I personally really struggled with it because my arthritis affects the small joints in my toes, so with every step that I take I was (still kind of am) in pain. And what made it even harder is that I had just started my treatment plan in the beginning of May and was expecting to get super fast results and to feel better immediately, and let me tell ya, that was not the case, at all.

This is a little off topic, but…

At my graduation ceremony, we had to stand outside for an hour before we processed in. AN HOUR. So the universe was working against me. The ceremony was at 9am, and I had to be there at 8am, and the morning is when my toes are especially swollen, so strike one against me. I wasn’t able to wear my orthotics, so I had to hobble along in my Jesus sandals, strike two. I then had to stand up for an hour, strike three. By the time I got to walking across the stage, all I could think about was how far of a walk it was, that I literally gave myself a mini panic attack, strike four. And I am telling you all of this to show you that after a week on my medications, I was still in pain, which was difficult for me to deal with. I really had to take it easy when all I wanted to do was go out and live my normal life.

Ok back to fitness…

I wasn’t really able to get back into the gym until after my Arizona Roadtrip with my family, and even when I got back I was just kind of doing whatever. I didn’t have a whole lot of purpose behind what I was doing, and was just kind of going through the motions, which was boring and uninspiring and I hated it.

I wanted something to change, so I asked my instagram following for suggestions on different lifting guides and got a lot of really good feedback, and I of course had heard of a ton of different plans from fitness influencers on the “gram”. I was really leaning towards the Grace Fit Guide, just because I follow her on instagram, and watch her YouTube videos, not because she is some world renowned fitness trainer. I just wanted a plan that would lay out a schedule for me, and that is exactly what her plan does. Plus it didn’t hurt that it was on sale over Memorial Day weekend, so I took the plunge and bought it.

I started the Grace Fit Guide…

On May 29th, and I am about to start week 3 this week. The guide gives you five days of training: Legs, Arms, Booty, Back and Shoulders, Cardio and Abs, and two rest days. Sometimes I tack on cardio to one of the lifting days, and something I tack on my own kinda cardio. I have been doing this guide for two weeks and so far I really like it. It is easy to follow, and I feel like it gives me a purpose in the gym, which is exactly what I wanted.

With that being said, I use the Grace Fit Guide 4 to 5 days a week, and do my own workout either 1 or 2 days a week, and I try to give myself a rest day (which usually just happens on its own because I am laaaaaaaaazzzyyyy).

So what have I been doing for my own workouts you ask?

Well let me tell ya. I have been experimenting with plyometrics like jump squats, box jumps, and burpees because it finally doesn’t hurt my feet to jump. And a big reason I was inspired to try these things out is because I saw my girl Sezzy (aka Sarah’s Day) doing it for her workouts, and after yesterday’s post, we all know that I aspire to live a life similar to hers. So pretty much for the days that I do not do a Grace Fit workout, I do my own workout which usually consists of a 5 minute warm up on the stairmaster, and then can range from things like jump squats, jumping jacks, walking lunges, inch worms, high knees, burpees, and jump squats. I like to put on a interval timer and pick a couple moves to do for 30 seconds. It has been really fun for me to experiment with new stuff like that, and I think for me it makes cardio a little more fun.

Outfit Details: Top- Marg Fitness, Leggings- High Rise Compression Crop from Old Navy

Why am I doing plyometrics?

Excellent question, me. First of all, I am doing plyometric bodyweight movements because doing cardio on a machine is boring to me. Staying on a stairmaster for more than 20 minutes is not only boring, but also difficult. I am not kidding, one stairmaster minute is like 200 real life minutes because from the second you step on that thing you start dripping sweat. Second of all, plyometric movements like this are meant to burn fat and help build muscle. I am able to keep my heart rate up while doing these movements, so it’s like I am on a cardio machine, but I am a lot less bored. Also I think that they are something really good to add to a weight lifting routine especially if your goal is to build muscle and lose fat (something that is hard to do/kind of impossible).

In the near future I will either write out a workout that I am doing, or create a video, because I am going to be honest again, I kind of want to get into YouTube. So stay on the lookout for that.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about what my new gym routine is like, and I will talk to all of you wonderful people in my next post. Have a beautiful day.


  1. Really inspiring that you got back to the gym after not having been able to work out for a while! I wish I could do that, just started back at the gym after a long break, but I wasn’t even injured just lazy..Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • I have honestly never really done them until recently. But I like them a lot more than just stationary cardio!

  2. “…or have arthritis like me *insert hairflip emoji*…” (<– bahaha, love it!)

    Thanks so much for giving us a sense of what adapting and listening to your body can look like "IRL"… not just on social media. You know your body best, and I think you're wise to trust it and find movement that works well for you right now.

    Also: CONGRATS on your graduation!!

  3. Congrats and glad you’re better. Very inspired that you were determined to, and got back into shape. Many students struggle with the back to fitness motivation so great that you’re on top of this.

    • Yeah it is definitely hard for a lot of people, but I had such an active life six months ago before being diagnosed with RA, that I just wanted to be able to get back to that.

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