My Post Grad Arizona Roadtrip

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It has been a long minute since I have written a post, however I have had a lot going on these past couple weeks: graduated college, moved back home, started a treatment plan for my arthritis, studied for finals, etc. Some of you may not know this, but I have an older brother, and he came out to Arizona after my graduation. His plan was to do all these crazy hikes, and see all the beautiful rocks in Arizona, so for the past three months he’s been asking on an almost weekly basis how my toes are doing. And unfortunately the answer was always “They’re ok, but I definitely can’t hike”. Which I think was a little discouraging for him.

I digress…

My brother came out to Arizona, and he, and my mom, and I went on a little Arizona road trip as a Mother’s Day/ Graduation trip. We left Monday afternoon, spent a night in Flagstaff, spent a night in Page, and came back Wednesday afternoon. It was a short little trip, but we saw some amazing things, and I took pictures of them all! This was my first time really using my new camera, so hopefully these pictures look a little better than my usual photos from my iPhone. And this post isn’t horribly fitness related, but I am hoping you will all stick through it with me.

Montezuma’s Castle

This treasure can be found on the way to Flagstaff in Camp Verde, Arizona. It was a quick little pit stop for us, because to be honest there was not much to see. Montezuma’s castle isn’t quite a castle, or at least not the traditional kind, and Montezuma didn’t even live there! These cliff dwellings were home to the Sinagua people, who after living here essentially disappeared. This was really interesting, it had a ton of information on the dwellings, the people, and their culture. But we were bummed that we couldn’t climb up there and get a better look.

The Grand Canyon- South Rim

Ok, so I have lived in Arizona almost all of my life and I have NEVER been to The Grand Canyon. How sad is that?! We went up to the South Rim on Tuesday morning. We left Flagstaff probably around 7 am, and parked at around 8:30 am. Probably would have gotten there sooner if my brother hadn’t gotten pulled over! It was a beautiful day at The Grand Canyon, a little chilly for my comfortability level, but I braved it through my long sleeve dri fit, North Face fleece, and full length leggings. We went to Mather point, took some pics, and then my brother and mom headed out for their hike. Due to my old lady problems #arthritislife I was not able to join them on their hike, so I had four hours to myself to just explore.

Luckily, The Grand Canyon is a great place to be stuck! I watched both of the videos that they had playing in the visitor’s center, poked around the gift shop to find a sticker for my Hydroflask, got a snack, and explored other lookout points. I took the free shuttle to go to Yaki Point, and Pipecreek Vista which are other lookout points along the South Rim. They each have paved walking paths along them, so I went for little strolls and took pictures and somehow spent four hours doing this. While I was a little bummed that I couldn’t go and hike with my family, I was amazed by the views and the true natural beauty of the Grand Canyon.

Antelope Canyon

Alright, so after the Grand Canyon, the fam and I made our way up to Page. We spent the night there, and woke up the next morning to go to Antelope Canyon. We went to see the lower canyon, because my mom had heard that it had better views, and in order to see this canyon we had to sign up for a guided tour. Antelope Canyon is on the Navajo Indian Reservation, and because of this and the structure of the canyon, the only way to see it is through a guided tour. The “hike” through the canyon was about a mile and a half, and you move pretty slowly because there are so many people in there taking pictures on other tours. This is absolutely a must see in Arizona, and the tour guides are so helpful and knowledgable and will make sure you’re using the settings on your camera/phone that will produce amazing shots.

Horseshoe Bend

We hit Horseshoe Bend on the way back home, it is super easy to get to, just a little pull out stop, then a little trek to the canyon. It is so beautiful, and also a little bit crowded, which is to be expected. After this we made the four and a half hour drive back home, with just our pictures and our memories.

I know this wasn’t a fitness related post per say, but I still hoped that you all enjoyed it and maybe got some ideas for your next roadtrip!


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