I’m Back and Better Than Ever (Kinda): Life Update & What is to Come

Hello My Wonderful Followers!

I am so sorry that I kind of just fell off the face of the earth. But if you know me, or if you are one of my dedicated Instagram followers, which you all should be, you know that my life has been a bit of a mess. These obstacles that I have been facing were greatly impacting my ability to exercise, which meant that I had to kind of stop any fitness posts, because I wasn’t working out really at all.

I was put in a walking boot…

at the end of March and tried my hardest to go to the gym twice a week and just work upper body. That was extremely hard to do, and I think in my total of three weeks in the boot I went to the gym four times. I did however try swimming and I HATED it. It hurt my toes to be flipping like that, it hurt my ankles, it hurt my shoulders to perform standard strokes (turns out my shoulders are hypermobile). So I did try something new, but it was not something worth writing about. I know I wrote a post while I was home with the stomach flu about having a positive mind set, and I have really found that that has helped to get me through such a trying time.

I finally saw a Rheumatologist!

I had an initial appointment April 20th, and at that point I was moving very slow. My toes were hurting and swollen, my left ankle was swollen and in so much pain, and one of my fingers had become swollen. I was such a mess, but this appointment was so incredibly thorough, and I was confident that this new doctor would be able to help me. After the appointment he asked me to get an MRI, and do some blood work. Easy peasy, I thought, this should give me a definitive diagnosis.

So I went back to Tucson that weekend

Because I had to go to my internship, take Theta Senior photos, go on a Senior scavenger hunt, and take more Senior photos with my besties. And that weekend I was in the worst pain of my life. My ankle became so swollen that I couldn’t stand to walk. I had to sleep in mine and my roommates day bed (we have sleeping porches in my sorority house, but that’s another story for another day) because I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk all the way to our bunk bed and climb up the ladder. I would have been stranded in the morning! So that weekend I iced my ankle a lot, and was able to move a little bit. I was horizontal pretty much that whole weekend and the following week. I went in for my MRI on Tuesday of that week, and had to go back Thursday because the magnet wasn’t producing clear images. Naturally I was annoyed. I had to get contrast put into my veins twice, had to have my roommate drive me to two different locations for the MRI, and I was in a lot of pain. But the good news is that my doctor prescribed me a pain killer to help mute the pain, and it was like night and day. I went from having pain at an 8 or 9 to a 4 or 5, and that is honestly amazing.

That same week

I had my first workout in about a month! Woo hoo! I was so happy, but I knew that I couldn’t push myself too hard. I went to the gym Wednesday, and Friday of that week and was feeling pretty good. I was sure not to push myself with lifting anything too heavy, and was mostly excited to just get my body moving! I hadn’t been able to do cardio in so long! And last week I was able to go to the gym just about everyday, which I am so thankful for.

I had another Rheumatology appointment

on May 4th. And if you follow me on any social media platform you know that I got a diagnosis! Finally! Now I am a hard person to diagnose. My blood tests were pretty much normal, the only things that were elevated were inflammatory markers, because duh my toes, ankle, and finger were inflamed. The MRI findings showed no bone erosion (which is good!), but indicated that it might be some type of inflammatory arthritis. So my doctor decided that he needed to diagnose me based off of my symptoms, and diagnosed me with:

Sero-Negative Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sero-negative because I don’t have the antibodies that indicate RA. He put me on an RA medication, and told me to continue taking the pain killer that he prescribed. So I am now on a treatment plan and feeling a lot better. I am also testing out a more plant based diet to see if that helps with inflammation. Right now I am pretty much a gluten-free vegan that eats fish. A fake vegan if you will. I am hoping that this diet change helps a little bit, and I will be sure to tell you all my findings at the end of May. If you are reading this and you have RA or know somebody that has RA that used something other than traditional medication to help with symptoms please please please let me know! I am reading so much about it, and want to try anything I can to help alleviate some symptoms.

One downside…

My medications eliminate an ounce of an appetite that I have. So I am trying to find a way to deal with that as I do not want to whither away into nothing. Having no appetite kind of has a ripple effect on my body, because if I am not hungry I won’t eat much (or at all), and then my colon gets annoyed with me and becomes inflamed and hurts a lot, and when I am in pain like that I don’t want to eat. At this point I also don’t know if the pain in my stomach is due to the medication, or it’s just my colon adjusting to the medication, or my colon being an annoying organ, or if it’s my period (is that TMI? Who cares!). So I am navigating all of that.

So what does this mean for Marg Fitness?

This means that I am getting back on track! I have a lot of new, fun things up my sleeve in terms of where I want to go with this blog. Now that I am able to exercise again you can expect more workout posts. I will get back into Sweat with Me Saturday, and probably also A Week of Workouts. I also want to start having some guest posts on my blog (that means you mom). So if you are reading this and love writing and want to share your perspective on something and feel that it would fit in with my blog, please send it on over to me!

I also want to start a Body Image Project. This is something I actually saw on another blog Wild & Preciousย and thought that it was an amazing idea. I really want to talk more about body image, and the importance of having a positive body image and I think that allowing people to share their stories is an amazing way to do that. When people think of Marg Fitness not only do I want them to think of workouts, fitness, and health, but also body positivity. So if you feel so inclined click this link and share your body image story! You can share it anonymously, and can write as much or as little as you like. I think once I have enough responses I will do a big post with all of the responses in it, or make it like recurring monthly post.

Another idea I have..

is to make Marg Fitness hats. I don’t know if people would be into that, but if you are comment on this post and I will make it happen. They will say “Eat, Lift, Love, Inspire” because as you should all know, that is my new Marg Fitness hashtag. I am sure I will have many many more ideas, so stay tuned.

You are all so wonderful, and I am so sorry that I took such a long break from writing.

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